سوالات مصاحبه مهاجرت نیوزلند !!

1390/03/25 ساعت 12:47

پست تازه تازه .. اخرین سوالات مصاحبه برای دریافت اقامت نیوزلند رسید ..  

راستش یکی از دوستان در همین راستا دیروز مصاحبه داشت و من هم براش گشتم نمونه سوال پیدا کردم و از قضا افیسر عزیز هم دقیقا همین سوالات رو پرسیده ..  

من فقط سوال ها رو می ذارم .. بعدا جواب هاش رو هم ادیت می کنم می ذارم ..  

 راستی مصاحبه معمولا حدود ۱ ساعت طول می کشه و افیسر بر اساس همه مدارک و جواب های شما در مصاحبه برای نتیجه پرونده اتون تصمیم می گیره ..  

توصیه: ارامش داشته باشید . حقیقت رو بگید و امادگی قبلی برای سوال ها داشته باشید.

 البته این سوالها دلیل براین نیست که چیزهای دیگه نپرسه. بازاگر خبری دستم رسید حتما اپ می کنم. از این که سوال تکراری توش هست متاسفم .. فعلا وقت نشد کامل ادیت کنم .. ۱۲ شبه باید برم بخوابم .. حتما با جواب هاش بر می گردم ..

موفق باشید  


نمونه سوالها:   





How do you plan to get a job?
What Challenges have you expected?

What would you do if having difficulties applying for a job?
Do you go for Alternative career?
Consider community service?
Who do you know in NZ?
How will contacts help in settling?
what If no relatives available?

Why NZ?
Where in NZ?
Cost of living?
Plans on how to get started.

How much does a house cost?
Plans to send children to a particular school

What is your plan?
Do you have any relatives/friends?
What kind of media did you use for research about NZ?

What will you do if you don't get a job as quickly as you would have hoped
What have you done to look for employment so far?
What support will you have in NZ?
What would you do if you came across any obstacles? (List possible obstacles)
What do you think about the impact of migrants on the socio-economic balance of New Zealand and the wider South West Pacific basin?
How much money did we think we needed to make a good living in NZ
How long did we think it would take to find work?

Mainly how do you plan to make friends ?

How do you intend to find work ?

What will your Partner do for a living?

When do you want to go?

What is your financial situation?
What wages to you expect?
How much do you expect to pay for your flat/house?
How will you build up your social networks and get new friends?

Why do you want to leave your home country?
Why do you want to go to NZ?

Have you considered going anywhere else?
What have you heard about NZ?
What do you know about NZ?

Have you ever been before, even for a visit?
Do you have any friends in NZ?

Has anyone given you any advice about moving to NZ?
What will you do if you can’t find a job?
Have you ever worked away from your hometown?
Have you any idea what you might earn in NZ?

Have you thought about the cost of living?

Where do you want to live?

What will you do for accommodation initially?

Are you planning on renting or buying property when you arrive in NZ?

What if you do not find work in the area you have chosen to live in?
How will you support yourselves?
What have you heard about the NZ life style and from whom?
How will you overcome barriers that you encounter? What do you know about the education system?
What interests do you have?
What do you like about NZ, as opposed to Australia, say, that makes you want to move here?
Why are you moving to NZ right now?

What sort of support would your friends give if you were without a job?

If your current job were to end, could you find skilled employment?
What have you done to look for skilled employment?
What companies would you apply at to find such employment?
What would you do if you could not find a job in your desired field? 

What sort of difficulties do you expect to face in NZ?
What would you do if you faced one of those obstacles?
Where do you want to live long-term?
What is your long-term plan?

What support do you have in NZ?

Do you have any further comments or questions for me?


اینجا هم یه فایل قابل دانلود هست که سوالات و جوابهای مصاحبه رو توش من گذاشتم. /ناصر

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